GC SUNS Captain Tom Lynch is
your Foundation Ambassador

Tom Lynch, newly appointed captain of your SUNS, has officially taken on the role of Gold Coast SUNS Foundation Ambassador after having seen first-hand the difference the funding acquired through the Foundation can make.

Established in late 2015, the SUNS Foundation was created to assist in funding three key project growth areas for the club.

In 2017, the Foundation and its three funding divisions will be rejuvenated with more opportunities for the Gold Coast to be involved with the club as it supports local Community work, our Talent Academy and delivering high performance facilities.

Community has been a core value of the club since its inception, underpinned by the 5,000 community hours achieved year upon year.

Each player is directly involved with the community work undertaken by the club through the SHINE program which delivers school based healthy and active living programs.

“In the SHINE academy we go out to schools and really push not just a footy program, it’s obviously got footy, but it’s about healthy eating and having a go at all sports,” Lynch told club ambassador Malcolm Blight.

“That’s been a great achievement by the players, and obviously the staff working on that.”

The Jarrod Harbrow Leadership Academy, driven by the programs namesake, is yet another facet of the Community work funded through the Foundation.

The second avenue the Foundation supports is the SUNS Talent Academy, a vehicle through which the club has been able to find the likes of talented youngsters Jesse Joyce in 2015 and Jack Bowes, Brad Scheer and Max Spencer in the most recent draft period.

“Jesse Joyce was a great story last year,” said Lynch.

“He was almost the last rookie and then he’s come in and played a handful of games so he’s looking towards having a really good season.

“It’s really exciting times to get some good quality talent coming through that academy,”

Lastly, Foundation funds ensure the team has the highest quality facilities and equipment at their disposal, to aid in development and recovery.

“We’re going to move into our new facilities hopefully in the next month and we’re really excited about that and to get a bit more money to be able to perform at our best will be amazing,” said Lynch.

Community work, the SUNS Talent Academy and high performance facilities and equipment have been identified as the pillars of long term success and a sustainable future for the club

“We’d love people to donate some funds, the boys are doing some great work in the community and it’s also going to help the young boys coming through the 12 year olds, 13 year olds coming through the academy and obviously benefit our high performance,” said Tom.